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Arfa advertising agency - about us


It started for pasion that become a way of lifle. Advertising has always been in the circle of our interests, thanks to which we have successfully and quickly managed to combine business with pleasure. Nowadays as ad agency, we share our knowledge and experience with other people, they are our main inspiration. With the interest we are observing world surrounding us so that it is easier to understand desires and needs of our Customers. We can seeing changes taking place around us which we have full use. They provide us with ideas and are energy carriers. We are proud that we can be creators of a new reality in which everyone can be fulfilled not only as a dreamer, but above all as a creator.


From beginning we have our activity focused on endeavor to the professionalism. Because there are no half measures for us, all our projects have a high level commitment. After many years, we seeing that it was worth it, as evidenced by customers who are happy that come back to us. Our priority are high quality and continuous development. Knowing perfectly that the only constant in the universe is change, we maximize our potential and capabilities. We can help companies create their image, we deal with designing unique graphics, we offer services for range of marketing consulting and marketing psychology. We have a rich experience in printing and outdoor advertising. Cooperation with the client for us is not only a challenge, but above all inspirations to us, through which we can improve our skills, providing products and services at the highest level. With the consequence and stubbornly , we strive for the goal - we never give up and fight to the end! Determination in the area of perfection also translates into our courage to make decisions about the craziest and seemingly unreal projects. 

Arfa advertising agency is not afraid of any challenge!


We are inspired by literally everything! We believe there are no things or no phenomena which are not worth our attention. Everywhere we seeing the potential from which we can to conjure real miracles. We approach each project creatively and conceptually, for that allows us to develop the best and the most original solutions. Lublin, where live the headquarters of our advertising agency, has been promoting itself as a city of inspiration for many years - it motivates us and adds wind in our sails. At the same time, we do not put any restrictions on ourselves - both implementation and regional - we operate all over Poland and we will gladly accept orders from other countries and even continents!

Our team




Impatient mentor. A tough negotiator and a prudent strategist. Consistent in Action, he aim to gradually develop himself and the company. He can both maintain seriousness and throw an unusual joke.



The orchestra man will play even without note, irrespectively who wrote the melody. He everything will repair, but also make design, print and will cut. Always his presence relaxes the atmosphere in the team.

Commercial department

poligraf fotografia Jolanta

phone 600 415 032

Poligrafist Full of the energy. She loves her work and cannot without her live. She will work even a difficult task out to prime numbers. Working with the customer it is for her an environment life natural.


phone 506 666 309

Workaholic always on duty. She is open to every customer. For her, nothing is impossible, therefore, always is creative approaches to every task.

Department of creation



Handyman - he will design a catalog and even cover the car. Black humor is in the blood. By dint of his vast experience, he is able to perform even the most difficult projects.

graphic designer

Even proves on the boat. She carefully supervises the graphics, creating unique designs herself. She will survive every storm and deal with every wave of orders. Ensures that the wind always blows in the sails.

design and print

An experienced singer with an original sense of humor. Prints always and everywhere, "pikseloza" is not a problem for him.


Challenge is his second name, but some people say that it's his first name. He finds part of himself at every task. Like every swordsman, he takes up every gauntlet.


Full-time attacker in our team. Without injuries and excusals - ALL THE TIME in attack. Quick in action and solving. Always ready for new matches with every squad. Treats really serious every client and takes into account it's task.